County to Discuss Video Recording of Meetings, Casino Multi-Year Plan & Citizens Budget Committee at Feb. 8th Workshop

During the Feb 8th workshop at the county administration building, there are a few items of interest on the agenda. The Meeting begins at 9:00 a.m.a.m.

  • An informational briefing on video recording of commissioners meetings. Commissioner Broomell pledged to create more transparency for county government during her campaigns and she specifically served as an advocate for video-taping. Apparently the county is going to reexamine this matter. When it was brought up by the previous administration, they said it wasn’t feasible.
  • Local impact grant draft multi-year plan; Commissioner Moore,Craig Whiteford. The mulit-year impact plan related to the casino still needs to be approved in order to free up revenue for the county. The subject has been getting a lot of attention with other blogs recently as the town of Perryville wants to receive its funds. This discussion will apparently focus on moving the plan development and approval processes forward so cash can be freed up for the county and the town.
  • Citizen advisory budget committee discussion. A few weeks ago, it was announced the commissioners were going to form a citizens advisory committee to help identify cost savings opportunities in the budget.
  • Chapter 209-Dogs and other animals-Next steps and review of public hearing comments.

Since these meetings aren’t recorded, citizens interested in details on these subjects have to attend the meetings. Otherwise they have to rely on whatever brief amounts of media attention (if any) these subjects receive in legacy and new media outlets. Hopefully the commissioners will include the recording of these sessions as the board begins to explore that matter. It would be most helpful for creating an informed constituency.



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