Daily Record: 18% of Cecil County’s Casino Revenue to go to Baltimore & PG County

From the Daily Record . . .

Starting in July, counties that have benefited from casino revenue will see a chunk of their money go to the city of Baltimore and Prince George’s County.

According to Maryland law, local jurisdictions get 5.5 percent of the slots revenue from the casino in their area. But beginning in fiscal 2012, 18 percent of that total — off the top, from every casino — will go to Baltimore. The law says Baltimore will get that money until 2027.

“I don’t know if the counties know this is going on,” said J. Michael Hopkins, executive director of the Maryland Racing Commission, which handles the distribution of the casino money to local governments. “But I know, and the 82 percent that’s remaining will be split up among the counties and municipalities.”

Baltimore actually won’t get all 18 percent of the money. From its cut, $1 million annually will go to Prince George’s County for capital projects in the community within the 10 miles surrounding Rosecroft Raceway.

“There she blows. Well, that’s interesting,” said Craig W. Whiteford, budget manager for Cecil County, home to Maryland’s first casino, Hollywood Casino Perryville, which has so far created $1.2 million for the county. Whiteford said the county had already started making plans for its fiscal 2012 budget without taking into account the cut Baltimore will take. The budget department will have to reconsider its budget now, Whiteford said.

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3 responses to “Daily Record: 18% of Cecil County’s Casino Revenue to go to Baltimore & PG County

  1. I bet it won’t take them more than a few minutes to determine what to do with that funding…. Much less time than Cecil has taken to put in place a plan to utilize funding to make sure the casino impact is minimal – and any left over to put toward infrastructure and quality of life improvements.

    I actually laughed out loud when I typed that last sentence. I still can’t understand the complexities involved in dividing up that money.

    It’s completely unacceptable that the budget manager for Cecil County DIDN’T KNOW that the provisions that provide for the casino funding would change and 18% of the county Perryville’s share would be impacted. If I were him, I’d certainly not admit that to anyone else in a time when officials are contemplating cutbacks…

  2. Wayne the commissioners were on getting a plan together again this week at the county workshop. There were 44 proposed projects on the list totaling $26.5 million. So they’re going to prioritize to get it down to the million or so they have to spend. Cecil County’s conservative blogger, the Red Righter, seems to have taken a liking to this story, so I suspect we’ll some more on it as they rush to get the spending plan together. Meanwhile the mayor of perryville has his plan and just wants to get his money, though some have suggested he hire some consultants to help him prioritize. The local development board was supposed to meet tonight to discuss things on their end. They’ll know what to do with the money right away in PG & Balto, I agree.

  3. Here we go again, it is not bad enough that most of our tax dollars go down the “rat holes” to our south, but now they are going to take the gravy off the top of the small pittance that we get from having the Casino in our backyards. I guess this was in the fine print that no one read when they approved the addition to our state constitution. Quite frankly I think it is time we have our own “revolution” here in Maryland and succeed from the People’s Republic of Maryland(PROM). I remember years ago there was a move to form a new state “Delmarva” out of the eastern shore, slower lower Delaware and Virginia eastern shore, we would not even demand that our “leader” quit, just let us go! The question would be is how long the “rat holes” would survive after they have no one to suck off of.

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