Commissioners Not Ready to Start “Naming Names” for Citizens Budget Advisory Group as Budget Process Moves Along

Cecil County Administration Building, Feb. 8, 2010 —  While the commissioners continued their work on forming the citizens budget advisory committee, they were reminded that time is growing short as, ideally, the board should have the groups findings by early April.  So, having figured out the number of members last week (five), the discussion turned to  sorting out the study mission of the group and mulling over appropriate qualifications for membership.

This discussion and the nearing deadline caused Commissioner Dunn to encourage the board to get on with the decision.  “Everyone knows my position, but since we’re going to have it let’s try to get something productive and worthwhile out of it.  We need to make it happen sooner rather than later for that to happen.”  Commissioner Broomell too noted the need to “move quickly” as the most important thing was to form the panel now.  “I have a budget analyst willing to serve,” she remarked.  “It’s important to get it going.”

At that point the board decided to adjourn for a few hours and come back in the afternoon to see if they could take a pass at “naming names.”  But when they reassembled after the recess, some of the commissioners needed additional time to line up their appointments.

So it’ll be another week before the final decision on forming the citizens budget advisory group is made.


3 responses to “Commissioners Not Ready to Start “Naming Names” for Citizens Budget Advisory Group as Budget Process Moves Along

  1. It is a good thing they are going to take their time picking people to do their jobs for them. Otherwise, we may have ended up with a group of people who were indecisive and underqualified for the job. What a joke four of our Commissioner’s have turned out to be.

  2. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of joke that makes you cringe.

    Did any one of our commissioners ever make a decision with out first asking permission, getting advice, testing the waters, debating Ad infinitum, double checking, triple checking, putting on hold in hopes that they would be gone when the problem needed to be solved and then they could blame their replacements with holy words of superiority?

    Expletive not entered so Mike doesn’t need to edit out. But I was thinking it.

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