Cecil County Spending Project: Cecil County Government Creates “Cost Savings Suggestions” on Gov Website

From the Cecil County Spending Project

Click here to connect to a survey now offered by Cecil County government on their website that asks you to anonymously provide cost savings suggestions to the county.  Once you submit suggestions, the Commissioners will respond to your thoughts and their responses will be posted on the county website.  Please take advantage of this opportunity and submit your thoughts asap!

PROS: This a great idea in that it challenges citizens to engage in a collaborative process in influencing government.  The anonymity aspect of this could prove to be interesting.  Perhaps this will allow county employees to weigh in on what they see happening in the county building.

CONS: I cannot help but wonder if this is yet another tactic used by politicians to deflect blame and escape responsibility.  I mean do they really have no idea how to cut spending?  We elected Commissioners to do a job.  We did not elect them just so that they could come back to us to ask us how to do their job all over again

click here to go to the Cecil County Spending Project Website


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