ABC2: Perryville awaits cut from slots casino

From ABC 2 News . . .

PERRYVILLE, Md. – The race to get Hollywood Casino’s 1,500 machines up and running ended in September, and it’s already brought in more than $35 million.  But in nearby Perryville, a town where time has virtually stood still since the 1600s, the wait continues for its share of the profits.

“Looking at their actuals, we might be around $1.5 million revenue up to June 30th,” said Town Manager Denise Breeder.
“So how much of that money have you seen so far?”
“Zero. The money is actually sent to Cecil County.”

The town, itself, is home to almost 4,000 people.  That’s almost three people for every slot machine. The promised pay out could help change the face of the sleepy town along the Susquehanna River.

“Upgrade some of our roads and sidewalks and things like that, bring more businesses back to our downtown,” said Town Commissioner Michelle Linkey, who says the casino turns over the state’s cut of the proceeds every 30 days.

Then, the state parcels off five and a half percent of the casino’s receipts to Cecil County.  The county has agreed to devote about a third of that money to Perryville, but it hasn’t happened yet.

article continues on ABC 2 News, along with video of news piece


2 responses to “ABC2: Perryville awaits cut from slots casino

  1. 1600’s ?

  2. WOW, How could a story be so wrong and still get published. It appears that only one side was told and that side put a slant on it that is so far off base that I am losing respect for the people interviewed as well as the news station that would write such garbage.

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