WCTR News: Smigiel Named to Head House Tea Party Delegation

From WCTR News (1530 AM, Chestertown) . . .

Del. Michael Smigiel, R-36-Cecil, was named chairman this week of a new Tea Party Caucus, while a Baltimore Democrat named vice chairman had to relinquish his seat after raising the ire of his colleagues.

Speaking in a Thursday telephone interview, Smigiel said the newly formed House of Delegates Tea Party Caucus held an organizational meeting Monday, at which he was named chairman.

Smigiel said this is the first General Assembly session for the caucus.

The Tea Party movement was an ever-present source of concern for Democrats during last year’s election cycle and it was successful in swinging the U.S. House of Representatives’ majority from the Democrats to the Republicans, though it did not muster similar results in Maryland’s General Assembly.

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14 responses to “WCTR News: Smigiel Named to Head House Tea Party Delegation

  1. This is the best news I’ve read about the Peoples Republic of Maryland in 30 years. Keep your powder dry brother and good luck Delegate Smigiel.

  2. Thumbs up to Delegate Smigiel! It takes guts in Maryland to stand up for your conservative ideas and push for them when there is so much pressure to compromise your beliefs in Annapolis. Hopefully the Tea Party Caucus will lead the way and represent the grassroots activists well in Annapolis.

  3. Thank you Delegate Smigiel for all your hard work fighting for freedom and liberty in Annapolis. It is nice to see that the Tea Party will have a fighting chance with you in charge.

  4. All good soldiers, reporting for duty I see.

  5. Jacque, are you reporting in for Diana?

  6. It appears that Delegate Smigiel is respected by the Tea Party advocates from across the state, despite the rancor created by the locals who claim to speak for the Tea Party.

    Congratulations, Delegate, on earning this honor.

    • Hu When did ” the Tea Party advocates from across the state” endorse Smigiel? The Tea Party Caucus is strictly within the General Assembly. I’m not even sure that it has been recognized as an official “caucus”. BTW, expect to be attacked by Ted Patterson for not using your real name.

  7. Raoul – My mother (a lifelong liberal Democrat) raised me to be an independent thinker and I speak solely for myself. Commissioner Broomell certainly does not need me to speak for her. I do however find it amusing how consistently wrong you continue to surmize circumstances. It would appear that you have a journalism background and harbor ill-will/feelings against Commissioner Broomell for who knows what reasons.

  8. There are so many people who really don’t have a clue about what the TEA party movement is, and buy into misinformation about it by detractors because they are baffled by it.

    The TEA party has no leadership, but is governed by the people with in it. The people who speak for the TEA party are not politicians, whether local, state, or federal, although some may earn support from the TEA party based on their support of it. No politician is the leader of the TEA party in Maryland, but we welcome those who support its key principles. When they do support those principles, they earn our support; when they do not, they earn our criticism. Those who can speak for the TEA party locally are those who are actually involved in it locally. The local TEA party wouldn’t attempt to speak for another TEA party group in the state, and we wouldn’t expect another group to speak for us, although we can speak generally of TEA party principles on which there is a consensus- our core beliefs. The TEA party by definition is solely about principles and values, not allegiance to any one person, which is why we differ from many other organizations.

    Delegate Smigiel has pushed for some great 2nd amendment legislation, and the local TEA party supports those efforts. When he advocates for TEA party principles, we support those efforts. Likewise, when he advocates for policy that is against TEA party principles at the local level; we will oppose those efforts. It’s nothing personal, although some who are part of one political clique or another may make it that way; it’s about sticking up for the principles we believe in, regardless of who is advocating the position, or what letter he/she has next to his/her name.

    When it comes to local or state government, those who are actually represented by a particular commissioner, delegate, or senator, have the most legitimacy to speak about their record, since they have the greatest amount of dealings with them and are most impacted by their decisions.

    The fact that there is a new TEA party caucus is great, as long as they remember that the whole purpose of the caucus is to support TEA party principles both at the state and local level, and anyone who chooses to join should first and foremost be receptive and supportive of his/her local TEA party. The purpose of a TEA aprty caucus is not to lead the TEA party or usurp the authority of the people but to support those who are active within the movement.

    It is up to active TEA party members across the state of Maryland to ensure that the caucus does what it should, and does not exist as an entity unto itself for the sake of any politician’s self-aggrandizement.

  9. Great to hear about Delegate Smigiel for heading this caucus, he has done a ton of great things this caucus. More than many State Republicans besides Pipkin and Jacobs I can name fight for us.

  10. Jackie Gregory- Hear, hear.

  11. I believe this is why Marco Rubio is against the notion of a TEA Party “caucus”. It’s been a grassroots movement from the beginning and we don’t need “leaders” in Annapolis or the District of Columbia. That said, I wish Delegate Smigiel the best. May he not abuse this trust. . .

  12. Congratulations Delegate Smigiel! We thank you for being the voice of tea-party minded citizens across Maryland.

  13. Smigiel…didn’t he run as a Republican? Isn’t that misrepresentation or at least false advertising? And what about all the money he gathered by those who thought they were donating to a Republican representative?

    Should Smigiel sue himself?

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