Gazette Reports that Senator Pipkin and Delegate Smigiel Launch Blog Focusing on O’Malley Administration’ War on Rural Maryland

After Governor Martin O’Malley announced that he would attempt to outlaw all developments of five or more homes from operating on septic systems, Senator E.J. Pipkin and Delegate Michael Smigiel objected to the proposal. Now the two legislators have taken the “jurisdictional conflict off the Senate floor” and launched a blog entitled, The “War on Rural Maryland, the Gazette reports. “Smigiel and Pipkin, both district 36 Republicans from Elkton, first published the blog earlier this week. It catalogs a list of concerns affecting the rural regions of Maryland. Click here to visit the “War on Rural Maryland.”


7 responses to “Gazette Reports that Senator Pipkin and Delegate Smigiel Launch Blog Focusing on O’Malley Administration’ War on Rural Maryland

  1. Smartest Man in the world

    Please stop this assault against our rural areas and our farmland. Devoloping has got to stop. Its what makes cecil great and my home for 36 years. This is why I live in cecil. If i wanted suburbs or the city I would move there. Stop the insanity stop this assualt! Hoorah!

  2. This is all about controlling the political environment. O’Malley does not want to see anymore growth in areas which are turning more “Red” by the day. So, he will just stop people from living there! Gee, I can not wait to see his redistricting plan….. Where are the Eygptians when you need them! New name for O’Malley……Hose’em O’Malley!’

  3. The greatest political divide in this state is not between Democrats and Republicans or liberal and conservatives but is between rural folks and urban dwellers.

    • Be still my heart….”EP Onion” has the same picture as our long lost and much missed “Crazy History Teacher.” Is it true, Crazy One, are you back commenting on SomeoneNoticed? Please, Oh Crazy One, do return to commenting here. Your absence has been much missed. Your comments are a lot more fun than the recent Tea Partiers/Smipkins slugfests. Come home, Crazy One!

      • Crazy Old History Teacher

        Hmm one of my creep students must’ve hacked into my account. But you know what, I think I’ll come out of retirement. Someone has to keep those crazy Smipkins and “Patriots” in line.

  4. This is typical of the city dwellers who can’t see past the end of their own noses. The attitude is that “you need to live exactly like we do.” I am too familiar with this from growing up in New York. This can also been seen in Obama’s Chicago attitude, and statements made by both Obama and the auto czar during the auto industry crisis.

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