Elkton Will Have a Memorial Day Parade This Year Thanks to Jaycees; Town Won’t Have to Wait Until 2012

Elkton Town Meeting, February 16, 2011 – Wes Walker had some excellent news for the Mayor and Commissioners this month.   After hearing at the Jan 18th board meeting that it takes two years to put on a really good parade, he brought the energy of the local Jaycees to the task.  They’re willing to produce a  “really big Memorial Day Parade this year,” he informed the elected officials.

The  sponsorship for this Main Street event came about after Wes was told by the Elkton’s Main Street Manager, Commissioner Jablonski, that it takes a long time to put on this type of event and the Elkton Alliance was working on one for Memorial Day 2012.  That concerned the downtown businessman as he  appeared before the board in January to ask if they had a plan to revitalize the central business district and to see if more special events could be offered in the central business district.

The former president of the volunteer group, was back  a month later requesting permission for the Jaycees to hold a parade on May 30, 2011.   “The Jaycees are willing to put on a really big parade and we’d like your permission to proceed.  We have plans for one this year,” he said as he outlined the details that had been put together in the past few weeks.  “Its going to be a great, huge event put on with about 15 to 25 volunteers from the Jaycees and Local business.  I’ve got many of the businesses downtown to come in to open up to show their support.  If we have something downtown, they’ll open up.” 

The purpose of the parade is to honor our veterans, give something back to our community and to “showcase Elkton as the county seat.  We’ll get with Mary Jo at the Alliance to see if we can get the antique cars and the mayor and commissioners there,” he continued.

Noting that in about a month the Jaycees had put together plans for a large event in the town center, he continued:  “We’re willing to take it on ourselves. As the Jaycees we go out to the community raise money and use our own funds.  The cost doesn’t seem to be that much.  It’s going to be really big parade.” 

The board agreed and granted the permit.  “It’ll Be nice to have a parade in town,”  Mayor Fisona remarked.  The mayor has made downtown revitalization a primary goal of his administration since he was elected for his first term, starting in 2002.


3 responses to “Elkton Will Have a Memorial Day Parade This Year Thanks to Jaycees; Town Won’t Have to Wait Until 2012

  1. Wes Walker, I would like to give you a great big THANK YOU. Finally someone is willing to put some effort into making Elkton proud of its heritage. The Main Street Brigade does not seem to be able to tell its elbow from it knee in organizing a parade. I will be there to salute our veterans and all of our service people. THANK YOU AGAIN WES WALKER.

  2. Great job Wes. Thank you for showing how much in need elkton is of hard working fast moving Government. I would also like to thank the Jaycees. This shows how much faster the private sector can get things done.

  3. Very nice, Wes. This is great for the town.

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