Commissioner Piner Gets Elkton Board to Start Focusing on Unfinished Business

Elkton Town Meeting, February 16, 2011 — Commissioner Earl Piner asked the board to starting making sure there is a mechanism to focus on the unfinished business that is carried over from month to m0nth.  Things often come up at one session but there is never follow-up, he observed.  “I’d like to ask the board to start putting unfinished business on the agenda.”  We need to be informed and we need to keep constituents informed, but “we never know where we’re going and what we’re doing.  As of tonight, I’m asking that we have unfinished business on the agenda” so that each time we’re focusing on carried over matters, until the issue is settled.  Noting one specific situation where the board didn’t receive follow-up reports, Commissioner Givens quickly provided strong support for the idea.  When it came time to vote, the commissioners unanimously approved an order to have old business placed back on the agenda.

The audience watching the exchange between elected officials approved of the action.  “I want to thank Mr. Piner and Mr. Givens for bringing up the old business. . . . In the last 15-minutes, you people have discussed more than you’ve done in the past four meetings.  You’re beginning to question different issues.  I think you’re on the right track to start asking questions.  People really appreciate it.”


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