Maryland Reporter: As Much as 75-Cent Higher Tolls Coming on Bridges to Cecil County

From the Maryland Reporter

By Megan Poinski

Public hearings about toll increases on several of Maryland’s tolled roads and bridges will start in the next few months, Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley told a Senate budget subcommittee on Thursday.

Toll increases are always unpopular, but now they are very necessary, Swaim-Staley told the Public Safety, Transportation and Environment Subcommittee of the Senate’s committee on Budget and Taxation. The Maryland Transportation Authority, which is responsible for the state’s toll roads, tunnels and bridges, has taken on additional debt to do several long-awaited projects in the last couple of years, and now has an additional $53 million of annual debt service. Much of that debt service will be covered by tolls.

Swaim-Staley pointed out that the proposed toll increase should not be a surprise. She said the last several reports to General Assembly committees have predicted toll increases in 2012. However, the size of the projected increases has been decreasing.

“We thought in ‘09 it would be $1.35. Now, we’re thinking 75 cents or less,” Swaim-Staley said.

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2 responses to “Maryland Reporter: As Much as 75-Cent Higher Tolls Coming on Bridges to Cecil County

  1. Has anyone heard what the Smipkin position is on this matter? This is something that afffectives the everyday lifes of Cecil County citizens and there appears to be no outcry against this. I propose elinimating the Tolls Association amd combining it with the State highway department. Why have separate maintenaance and security when one wll do just fine. I know someone is going to post that this system is backd by bonds or something like that and it can not be undone. Well if it was created it can be destroryed! I think this is a great project for our one senator who was previously employed on Wall Street.

  2. You’re tilting at windmills here, Joe. No pain for Cecil County, no gain for the boys.

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