From Cecil County Spending: Commissioner Moore Plays “Politics” with County Budget

From Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already

During the 2010 election current County Commissioner Tari Moore, as a candidate for public office, had this to say about the county budget on her campaign website:

These are very difficult economic times.  People have lost their jobs, businesses are closing, and families are making tough choices about what to eliminate from their budgets.  Government must do the same. [Emphasis added]

We agree with her above statement, but we heard a very different tune in a recent news article written by the Cecil Whig’s Jacob Owens.  The headline read, “Moore raps ‘irresponsible’ budget cut plan.”  Cecil County Commissioner Tari Moore was taking aim at a recent proposal released by Commissioners Jim Mullin and Michael Dunn that would cut $10 million dollars from the Cecil County budget if enacted.  This plan was released in preparation for what will be the most difficult budget cycle in many years for Cecil County.  Everyone knows that cuts must be made or tax increases will be inevitable–but all five Commissioners had been “lost for words” on cost cutting ideas until recently when Dunn and Mullin started the debate with their “controversial plan.”  Commissioner Tari Moore immediately reacted to the plan in the Cecil Whig saying:

An enormous amount of anxiety has been placed on our employees because of this.

This is a troubling statement because it shows a complete disconnect between Commissioner Moore and the people of Cecil County.

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10 responses to “From Cecil County Spending: Commissioner Moore Plays “Politics” with County Budget

  1. Tari DID NOT SAY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, that tax and government cuts were not needed.

    The irresponsibility and disconnect here are Mullin and Dunn who were conniving their vendetta LONG before they approved the volunteer committee giving lip service to the tax payers of Cecil County. And of course, they didn’t consult, discuss or even mention THEIR plan to the other commissioners. Why should they?…Because they could give a rat’s tuchas about anyone but themselves.

    Cecil County Spending is just another arm of the regime. What do they all have against Cecil County that they want to cause so much pain, suffering and anxiety?

  2. I would like to thank Ted Patterson and all his fellow Smipkins for attacking Republican elected officials. GO SMIPKINS.

  3. The irresponsibility and disconnect here are Mullin and Dunn who were conniving their vendetta LONG before they approved the volunteer committee giving lip service to the tax payers of Cecil County. And of course, they didn’t consult, discuss or even mention THEIR plan to the other commissioners. Why should they?…Because they could give a rat’s tuchas about anyone but themselves.

    And, where are you going with this one? Mullin had nothing to do with the Cecil County Spending and neither did Dunn. It was a project of Ted Patterson and Josue Sierra, and a poorly put together one at that. I will say that they do a ton of damage for the Republican Party in Cecil County, Cecil County Spending does, but I want some real proof Mullin and Dunn were behind the funding or founding of the site. Everything is Sierra and Patterson.

    As for Tari Moore, I’ve known her since my days of working for Mullin in 2008 and she was working for the Hodge campaign, and have nothing against her. Even if she wasnt my first choice, she is a qualified candidate.

    The Young Republicans are more worrying about destroying the Republican Party under their idea of strict litmus test, we saw it with them on Harris and his vote on the Patriot Act. As for Moore, I will wait and judge her first, she has always been a trustworthy person to me.

    I would like to thank Ted Patterson and all his fellow Smipkins for attacking Republican elected officials. GO SMIPKINS.

    Oh boy, You got an obsession with Smigiel and Pipkin, they do things right and get re-elected by a landslide, the only one out of the group you mentioned that came close in the YRs was Patterson to winning a race agains t Rudolph, while he’s not malicious with his intentions, he’s goes about it the wrong way, putting people off the wrong way. Anyway Cecil Democrat before you attack Ted Patterson how many races have you ran in? And then say against hard odds almost knock off Dave Rudolph?

    Th0ugh the one thing I am disappointed in how this County’s GOP Central Committee doesnt seem to be raising money and every part of the conservative groups argue. They want to separate and destroy the conservative base. I voted for Moore as Commissioner, she is going to get my support as not everything she done is right though she has done a great job IMO, Harris has done a good job in DC, and so has Dunn who I wanted in.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Brooks, for trying to tone down the rhetoric here. While the local Republicans fight with themselves for control of the party, the Democrats plan for their comeback. They can take the high road on the election, because the Republicans take the low road against themselves. They remind me of an old chinese proverb:
    “One dog barks at nothing and the others bark at him.”

    • Hu,
      Do you actually understand what Johnny is trying to say? I gave up when my head started to explode.

      [Someone Noticed edit]

      Trying, is he, think I.

  5. Just a Young Dem

    Look at this will U. Republicans have had a majority for 3 yrs now and every year its a fight. Gets better each time. First time the majority raised our taxes after 2 of them ran on no new taxes campaigns. Hodge & Mullin couldn’t figure out that when they take more money out of my wallet, that’s a tax raise and had all kinds of stories to explain that to me. At least the Young Republicans got after them and pushed hard on that, but it took a lot of pressure. The next time around all those Republicans were arguing about which ones were really Tea Party Tested and Tea Party Approved. The local Tea party and other other Republicans couldn’t figure out which ones were going to hold the line on taxes and fight for smaller government. Now this year I guess these different factions are worried about, which of them is going to get credit for cutting the size of government down. When some of them propose an idea, attack it because they might credit. I guess that is it. I say I want my politicans (Dems or Rep) coming up with lots of ideas and talking about before the public. Seems those others want to wait until that commititee has time to sort it out and give them the ideas. I say if that committee should happen to come up with ideas, that much the better. The more ideas we got the better off we all area. How about some of those other commissioners putting their deas out before the people for consideration. That way we be all better off and have more ideas to consider when we pick the best ones. Come on now will you. Start putting your ideas out there if U R such good business people and know how to run organizations and projects.

    • Just A Young Dem makes it hard to follow his line of a attack, but sorting through the gibberish reveals the SMIPKIN Party Line. The three other commissioners prefer to wait until the decrees of the Democrat-dominated state legislatue gives them the final figure on unfunded mandates, withheld highway taxes, and teacher pension costs.

  6. Jackie Gregory

    I don’t blame Commissioner Moore for her reaction. Certainly the commissioners should come up with ideas to save taxpayer money, but the manner in which this was done was unprofessional and irresponsible. Some of the proposals probably have some merit; some probably don’t. It is difficult to tell, because there is not enough info. provided. As a taxpayer, I would like to know how the discretionary account is funded versus the rainy day fund. Does the rainy day fund just sit there, year after year with no additions to the funding, so that it is always there in case of a crisis? If we eliminate the discretionary fund, and have a very bad winter, does that mean that we will have to go into our rainy day fund to plow our streets, and then have to find a way to replenish it the following year? Also, where specifically will the public safety cuts come from? Have Commissioners Dunn and Mullin found 10% in wasteful spending in last year’s budget that they can tell the public safety departments exactly where to cut, and yet still do their job effectively, since public safety is one core responsibility of the government? Have they identified someone who can provide a facility and veterinary care for stray animals for 148,000/year? Taxpayers need to know the details of this plan before they can pass judgment one way or another on it. It would be nice to see the 5 Republican Commissioners work together and consult each other for ideas, rather than working independently, especially since they were all elected to serve at large. To present a plan like this to the public through a GOP website without even telling the other members of the board what was being planned, and to do so two days after naming the members of the budget advisory committee was inconsiderate at best, irresponsible at worst. I expect my commissioners to behave in a manner that is appropriate for their position. Commissioner Mullin backpeddled a bit on his ideas by saying, “I just wanted to stimulate debate.” If that was the purpose, then he should have debated/discussed ideas with the commissioners. Isn’t that the purpose of worksessions, to present ideas? The suggestion that Commissioners Mullin and Dunn just wanted to stimulate debate doesn’t give the impression that they have a lot of confidence in their plan.I appreciate the commissioners who have ideas about how to cut, but are waiting to get all the information so they can incorporate the best ideas in their plan and provide details to the taxpayers for feedback. The proof of this budget plan will be in the pudding. The question is, when all the reports come back, will Commissioners Dunn and Mullin be able to take ownership of this plan with more confidence than just saying that it was meant to stimulate debate?

    • I agree with everything you said except referring to this stunt as a “plan” and that it was released through a “GOP website”. The website in question is strictly Campaign for Liberty/SMIPKIN. Interesting that the site has been calling for citizen input for a very long time and now takes issue when the county does the same. The anti-Moore article is just another Ted Patterson rant against an independent thinking and acting OTS (other than Smipkin). I would like to hear Ted Patterson explain why his own campaign website devoted so much space to support of the FOP and Deputies and he now supports a 10% across-the-board cut in Public Safety.

  7. To Ted Patterson, I think the “800 pound gorilla in the room is SMIPKIN”. The latest is Pipkins attempt to shift pensions to the counties. Dunn, Mullin, and Broomell are apparently unconcerned. WAKE UP. Just like the seat belt and cell phone laws began as secondary offenses (had to be stopped for something else first), first seat belts and now cell phone use were/will be elevated. Once this pension liability transfer takes place the threshold will be lowered until Cecil County pays most or all. Will the SMIPKIN “Fiscal Conservative Team” raises taxes then? Q for Comm. Broomell: Why didn’t Pipkin form his rural county faction BEFORE he introduced this bill?

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