Cecil County Spending: 2012 Operating Budget Requests Now Online

From Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already!

For those of you who would like to keep your county government accountable please see below to start to look at different departmental budget requests for FY2012.  Special thanks goes to Craig Whiteford, Cecil County Budget Director, for making this information so transparent to the public.  Please contact Craig with any questions on these budgets at cwhiteford@ccgov.org.

Budgets that do not link to a pdf file have not been posted yet.  We will do our best to update this listing as often as possible to get you access to all budget documents as they are released to the public.  Please review these budget requests with due diligence as your input could greatly impact whether or not the Commissioners keep tax rates low this year or not.  Throughout the month of March and April of 2011 departmental budget requests for FY2012 will be reviewed and Commissioners will be making decisions on what to spend money on and what to cut.  In May Commissioners will make the final votes on what to set county tax rates at and on final budget allocation.  Please contact your Commissioners if you would like to change these departmental budgets, like for instance if you see areas where spending could be decreased.  If you want lower taxes–the time is now to get activated and call for cuts.   

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2 responses to “Cecil County Spending: 2012 Operating Budget Requests Now Online

  1. Taxpayers should be wary of anyone wanting to eliminate the commissioners discretionary fund. In the past month more than $600K has been moved from the county’s discretionary fund to the general fund to pay for snow removal and other unanticipated expenses.

    The discretionary fund is like an emergency saving account. In a household the discretionary fund would be used to pay for an emergency car repair or unanticipated appliance replacement.

    Rather than eliminating the county discretionary fund, we should advocate for continued excellent planning and maintenance of the fund.

  2. Jackie Gregory

    Also, keep in mind that we don’t yet know what will come from the state in unfunded mandates. Senate President Mike Miller has a bill that will be heard tomorrow which will shift payment for prescription drugs for some employees from the state to the local government. Likewise, Senator Pipkin’s bill, SB 629, which attempts to shift some of the responsibility for teacher’s pensions onto county governments, will be heard in the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee on 3/2 at 1 pm.

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