The Record: Port Deposit Checking to Make Sure Local Development Council is Following Procedures Related to Distributing Casino Money

From the Havre de Grace Record. . .

During his council report, Councilman Kevin Morton mentioned he would be attending the March 3 meeting of Cecil County’s local development council, which was created to oversee the disbursement of the local share of gambling revenue from the Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Based on his reading of the agenda for that meeting, Morton said, it looks like the council will approve the town of Perryville’s spending plan, which in turn prompted a lengthy discussion among the mayor and other council members.

Councilwoman Judy Leonard said Main Street in Port Deposit is listed on the Hollywood Casino’s web site as a route to the casino, making nearby Port Deposit immediately affected and entitled to funds.

Morton said his biggest concern is the local council will support funding for outlying areas before supporting Port Deposit, which is close to the casino.

Morton Cecil County is expected to include many things in its plan, such as road improvements, but that Port Deposit may not have equal access to that designated money. On Tuesday, the Cecil County Commissioners decided to hold off on final approval of their plan, citing ongoing negotiations with casino owner Penn National Gaming.

“To say that they’re going to include us in their plan is not saying that Port Deposit is going to have access to any of them,” Morton said the casino funds.

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9 responses to “The Record: Port Deposit Checking to Make Sure Local Development Council is Following Procedures Related to Distributing Casino Money

  1. George Armstrong Custer

    Mr. Blogger fellow, I wanted to put my word in before the members of the Smipkin Tribe ambush me. I must ask, why do you have the Elkton Mayor and Commissioners as your banner since you go after the County Commissioners more? You should change your banner to those Tammany Hall politicians–I mean county commissioners. Now if you excuse me, I got to get back to chasing Sitting Bull Smigiel and Crazy Horse Pipkin. Now THAT’S A LOT TO PURSUE!

  2. GAC, beware the Smipkin Tribe. I know them well. 100% support or you are a target. Ambush is their specialty. Surrender or perish.

  3. I don’t understand why the Port Council is upset over the distribution of VLT dollars. The legislation (SB 3) was available for review during the legislative process. It was placed on referendum and approved. The county and Perryville went through a public negotiation process before arriving at an agreement on a 65%-35% split of local impact grants. The Port Deposit Town Council should have been aware of all this and could have complained long before now. As to Mayor Abrams saying that”someone is looking into the local development council to make sure it is following procedure, as outlined in state law”, she should ask Councilman Morton, who serves on the LDC. She is incorrect to say that “the council can’t keep changing the rules” since the LDC merely follows the process set forth in the law, has no power to deviate, and has not “changed the rules”. I would suggest that Councilman Kuhs read the law before thinking about filing an injunction.

    • Jake good to hear from you. I guess the town council in Port Deposit must be real upset over not getting a fixed allocation from the casino money, but you make some good points, especially as you indicate they have reprsentaiton on the local development council.

  4. George Armstrong Custer

    Hey, Mr. Blogger, are you going to answer my question or not? NEVER keep a military officer waiting!

  5. Mr. Custer in reference to your query about changing the photo at the top. Perhaps we’ll create a flash file and have it rotate between the two governmental boards that affect the lives of everday citizens in the greater Elkton area.

  6. Mike, are you saying your are going to be flashing your readers at the two governmental boards in the Greater Elkton Area?

    I am appalled and will remember to wear my sunglasses.

    General Custer, I apologize for the seemingly loose behavior of our local news media. Let’s just pray that Pipkin and Smigiel don’t join in these antics.

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