Perryville plans use of $1.9 million in casino revenue: Proposal pending approval by local development council

From the (Havre de Grace) Record . . .

With its three-year plan on how it will spend revenue from the casino set, Perryville is patiently awaiting approval from the local development council and access to its share of the nearly $2 million in local impact funding.

Since it opened in late September, Hollywood Casino Perryville has brought in $35.3 million. State law dictates 5.5 percent of the revenue go to local impact grants to be shared by Perryville and Cecil County.

As of the end of February, $1.9 million in local impact funds is available, but neither Perryville nor the county can spend a penny until a multi-year plan for how the money will be spent has been developed and approved by the local development council.

Perryville hosted a public hearing on its plan Tuesday, when two community members spoke.

“There have been impacts of Hollywood Casino on Perryville,” Town Administrator Denise Breder said.

Now that the town has held its public hearing, Perryville is waiting on comments and recommendations from the local development council, which it expected to get Thursday at the local council’s meeting.

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