Republican Club of Cecil County to host Jim Rutledge, March 24, 2011

Event Announcement from the Republican Club of Cecil County

Jim Rutledge, former U.S. Senate Candidate and Constitutional Attorney is the featured guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Republican Club of Cecil County Thursday, March 24, 2011 meeting at the VFW, North East, MD 7 PM.


20 responses to “Republican Club of Cecil County to host Jim Rutledge, March 24, 2011

  1. Diane Carabetta

    Thank you for posting the information on the Republican Club.

    Excitedly, Anne Arundel County Executive, John Leopold will be visiting Cecil County 7 PM on Monday, March 14, 2011 at the Elkton Library.

    History will change in Cecil County next year as citizens elect the first Cecil County Executive. Following Leopold’s presentation, questions will be taken from the audience. Citizens have the opportunity to learn from County Executive Leopold what it takes to be a county executive and what makes a good county executive.

    Members of the Charter board will also be on hand to field questions.

    The event is free and open to the public. The Reagan Brigade is sponsoring the event.

  2. I hope it makes it easier than the old format of just taking answers from the audience and not all get answered like the teacher’s forum and the supposed Harris-Kratovil forum which Kratovil did not show up to. My suggestion to the Brigade is they get in as many question as possible.

    • John,
      You should attend and ask your questions. This will be a good opportunity to mix with Real Republicans rather than the RINOS of Cecil (Ted Patterson’s Campaign for Liberty / John Birch Society / so-called Republicans of Cecil / phony cyberspace operation.

      • I hear that there is a vacancy on the Republican Central Committee. Hope that it is not Carabetta, Kolodzey, or Hutchinson. It was already 2/1
        SMIPKIN advantage. Might as well have conference calls instead of meetings and not publish the number. Wait, they already do that.

        • Yep, they got rid of Hutchinson. Hey, maybe Johnny Boy Brooksie will fill the bill. Long time Smipkin [supporter — Someone Noticed edit]. [additional edits by Someone Noticed] Young, energetic, loyal and naive… [Someone Noticed edit].

      • I did go to the one February 3rd Congressional Forum which if I’m not mistaken was held by the Cecil County Patriots that Harris, 2 others, but Kratovil sadly did not show up though get a few minutes to talk to him and talk to his aide numerous times via e-mail who was helpful in attempting to get me a sign though the Cecil GOP HQ opened and I didnt need the Harris camp to go through the trouble then. Though given with 1 car at the house I love to go to debates and glad there is better forums for debates. My suggestions is they use Youtube or some type of video service as many cant make the debates due to work or other reasons.

        As for myself, I was never caught up in the Campaign for Liberty or the Birch Society as I believe what Buckley said about them. As for me I got many concerns with this Republican Central Committee and if there raising enough money or not. As for the Republicans of Cecil County, with a lot of its decisions since 2009, and believe there’s too many litmus tests on people on County Commissioner after the primary and after the election and too much infighting in the Republican Party in this county, every time I turn around it seems I’m reading of something. Then me myself, am on real good relations with most County and State Republicans, so to Gen.Custer who is lurking these forums I’m no more attacking Smigiel/Pipkin than I have Moore/Broomell or Carabetta.

        Though that doesnt mean I agree with everything the Commissioners do, or that the Committee I’m not worried about, or that I think the ROC needs to do some soul searching.

        Also as for me, I’ve wrote many letters to the Whig to write my dissatification, and to State politicians, I just got one back signed from Glen Glass. Also many of my signs got this election season were via my e-mail

  3. Raoul,
    Take a deep breath. All the editing ruins the tempo of your message.

    • Wow! Hey Mike, what ever happened to free speech?
      There was no profanity.
      There was no false information.
      If you are going to censor, don’t leave only the phrases, which edited as such, change the meaning of what I am saying.

      Can you give me some idea why you have to add your [Someone Noticed edit] phrase scattered throughout.

      Why don’t you just say:
      ‘Someone Noticed has the right to edit others opinion however Mike desires to censor and is not obligated to obey the Constitution of the United States because this is not really a News Source and should not be considered as such. Going forward, Someone Noticed will only post comments that support the ideas expressed and believed by Mike. Blogs exist in a world of their own and are not ruled by anyone or anything except the Blogger’s personal views. Someone Noticed shall publish what is likes and censor what it does not like.’

      • Raoul what a rant for someone anonymously trolling around the Internet. Violating the constitution and First Amendment free speech rights, you say. Goodness. Could it be true!

        We’ve always reserved the right to moderate the blog, but opinions that differ from ours are welcome. Just scan through these posts, including plenty of your comments, and you will see a range of perspectives from many vantage points. You’ll also see plenty of posts, including several from you, challenging the position of Someone Noticed’s coverage and those were allowed.

        Regardless we will make judgments about when the post is getting outside the bounds of what we find acceptable for a number of reasons, including being too personal, mean-spirited and more. There are plenty of posts here from you where you’ve disagreed with us and we’ll definitely let those go up, but we’ll make some judgment on anyone’s comment as to when it might not be appropriate.

        What’s allowed? Poking at politicians is usually fine. Creative humor is appropriate and you often use that method effectively when you poke at certain politicians. Posts that are signed are much better. For anyone trying to convince someone of something we suggest signed posts, rather than lurking behind an anonymous name on the net. That just destroys the validity of one’s argument. We’ve both had exchanges on that very point and the last time we brought it up after you questioned something we’d done, you said you’d been intimidated by politicians. That’s something we still can’t relate too.

        A verified, signed piece will be given more weight as far as what we’ll allow to go up too and for signed pieces we welcome guest posts. Notice how effective the Young Republicans are at using new media to get their message out and to our knowledge they always sign their posts. Others taking opposite viewpoints don’t do that as very often (with some exceptions).

        On the edited piece that has you ranting so, there was no profanity. We agree. As for false information, we have no way to know about that. Your main point was there, as you suggested a particular nominee could fill the bill for the opening. If it was signed, it would receive stronger consideration.

        • Jackie Gregory

          “They always sign their posts”…Really? What about Patriot Paul, Huggy Bear, and Dixie Bear, and all of their “bear” friends? I’ve seen quite a few mean-spirited things and half-truths get posted here, and many times the perpetrators don’t post their real names.

          Someone Noticed Editor’s Note: Jackie we can’t speak for everyone that might agree with their positions, but as far as we can tell the people in the leadership positions have no trouble with going on this blog and other outlets and signing whatever they say. We base that on how many times you see their posts with their actual names (Ted Patterson, Chris Z, Mike Dawson, etc.) John Brooks signs his opinions too. Now those that oppose them seem to prefer to prefer the other approach, for some reason. (Of course there are some exceptions.)

          One makes a much better argument when they do that. As we’ve said before poking at politicians is okay and the Internet is a little more edgy. It’s sort of like that A.M. dial talk radio you listen to. When someone calls in and says they’re so and so or an expert on this or that, be skeptical. There’s just no way of knowing.

          You & Raoul keep an eye on these things, apparently.

  4. My final reply is I’m not going to reply to another Smipkin bait on the topic. And Raoul fails to realize a blog is not similar to a web forum maybe he needs to read what a user agreement is, a website does not necessarily have to give you a platform for your views, this is the biggest load of crock I’ve heard regarding the Constitution of the United States. For example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress, et cetera can terminate my account without any warning and that is that little fancy wording in the EULA.

    • John Brooks……What makes you think Raoul is a he?

      • The following was pre-edited for Mike:

        Because Brooksie is a [Someone Noticed edit] and he [Someone Noticed edit] because he [Someone Noticed edit]. And that’s the truth because [Someone Noticed edit] and then [Someone Noticed edit] to anyone who [Someone Noticed edit] with him. Just like all the other [Someone Noticed edit] who are really not part of either the Republican and Democrat Parties. But then Commissioner [Someone Noticed edit] and Commissioner [Someone Noticed edit] know they owe a debt to [Someone Noticed edit] just like Brooksie. Hey [Someone Noticed edit] why don’t you [Someone Noticed edit] or get a life and [Someone Noticed edit] all the way home? Have a nice day!

  5. “Real Republicans?” The Reagan Brigade and John Leopold…yeah right.

    You have to be kidding me- wasn’t one of the so-called Reagan Brigade “leaders” caught campaigning for Democrats last year and boasting about it on the internet?

    And Leopold- this is the sort of individual these people hold up as a ‘good county executive?’ The “One Man RINO Machine?”

  6. Good morning Doc Savage,

    John Leopold was a good guest speaker and I would definitely listen to him again. I agree with at least 80% of what he had to say. It was clear to me that he enjoys serving his constituents, does what he believes is best for Anne Arundel County and has a history based on public service.

    Thank God we live in America where each of us is entitled to his/her own opinion.

  7. Doc Savage,
    Didn’t the SMIPKIN Dismal Conservative Team support Chris Sutton(D) against Barry Janney(R) as part of their multi front vendetta? John Leopold is a Reagan Republican. Makes sense for the Reagan Brigade to invite him as a speaker. Ted Patterson is the far right “One Man RINO Machine”. He’s no Republican. He’s a Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty zealot.

  8. Hmmm…I looked at the MD Board of Elections website (I am able to navigate the site rather easily, not sure why Raoul with her superior intelligence seems to have so many issues) and I don’t see Mr. Sutton listed as being part of the Fiscal Conservative Team slate.

    However, I was looking at Facebook and came across this on Bill Manlove’s site, a conversation with a certain “Reagan Brigade” leader:

    “Tina Sharp- you have the endorsement of most R’s in cecil. Lol I did a lit drop for you, and we are willing to do more for you, if you get me lit. I did for mumford as well but cecil is lacking lit and signs. Giet me signs I’ll get them out too. October 28, 2010 at 5:29am

    Tina Sharp- what about election day do you have someone putting up signs at thepolls I’ll do cecil for u. October 28, 2010 at 5:30am

    Bill Manlove Tina, I’ll message you on FB on logistics– would love to have your help! October 28, 2010 at 9:23am”

    Uhhhh…”Real” Republicans for Stephen Mumford? I don’t think so.

    • I didn’t say Sutton was a MEMBER of the Dismal Conservative Team Slate, I said he received their SUPPORT. Hint: golf. The Smipkins are far right RINOs. They are not Republican, but are SMIPKIN. Only interested in their own elections. Check out Cecil County Campaign for Liberty. Check our their attacks on Republicans.

  9. Tina Sharp is a member if the Reagan Brigade ut not an officer. I will support the right person everytime. A true Reagan R will always do rigt by the county not the party. That is exactly why R. Reagan switched parties from dem to rep.

    I can tell you that I will never vote for a young person with school debt until he has lived life and paid his debt. By ted pattersons own words he has school debt. Y didn’t he get a job and pay for it like the rest of us? I will not support smpikin, when they do everything that is bad for cecil. I voted for the best R Tari Moore. I did not vote for dunn [Someone Noticed edit].

    so there you have it.

    Reagan Brigade believes in individuals, I srved my country proud for the right to vote the way I want to. If you do not want to b part of a wonderful org that donates to schools to mentoring to disabled vets, homeless, abused women, and political races, than don’t b a part of it.

    the club will b fine with or with out you.

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