Cecil County Casino Wants 175-Foot Highway Sign As Group Regulating Perryville’s Share of Casino Revenue Questions Spending Plan

By Kirsten Dize of The Record

Hollywood Casino Perryville could have a sign that towers 175 feet above its property and I-95, if a request for the sign gets state and town approval.  The sign would read “Hollywood Casino” in red and gold and would sit atop a 175-foot tall structure. The sign would be lit from within and visible from I-95. The casino is next to the I-95/Route 222 interchange, just north of the Susquehanna River and the I-95 Millard E. Tydings Bridge.

Before the sign can be built, however, the design needs approval from Perryville’s mayor and town commissioners as well as the Maryland Transportation Authority, which has jurisdiction over the nearby interstate highway.  Possible light pollution, proposed height and town aesthetics were among concerns the mayor and commissioners expressed at Tuesday’s Perryville town work session. . . .

. . . .

In a related matter at Tuesday’s work session, the mayor and commissioners also discussed notes from the recent Local Development Council meeting on their development plan and said they fully intend to fully address the LDC’s concerns in an efficient manner.  The LDC, which regulates the spending of the county’s and town’s share of the casino revenue, has asked a number of questions about Perryville’s aggressive, three-year plan to spend nearly $2 million the town expects to receive as its share from the casino.  Perryville’s plan to spend the money includes . . . .

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One response to “Cecil County Casino Wants 175-Foot Highway Sign As Group Regulating Perryville’s Share of Casino Revenue Questions Spending Plan

  1. The Record reporter should read SB 3: 9-1A-31 which sets forth the role of the LDC as part of the establishment of VLTs. ” A county or municipality shall make best efforts to accomodate the recommendations of the local development council and any testimony presented at the hearing before adopting the plan required under this subsection”. The LDC acts in an advisory and collaborative role. It is inaccurate to state that the LDC “regulates” spending. I attended the referenced LDC meeting and found it to be congenial. Suggestions were given and received in a positive atmosphere.

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