The Daily Record: Editorial – Give Perryville its due

From the Daily Record

The mayor of Perryville has a $680,000 beef.

We think he’s exactly right, but Cecil County doesn’t see it that way. This means Mayor James L. Eberhardt will have to stand in line, hat in hand, until the county figures out how it wants to dispense the money pouring into its coffers from the Hollywood Casino Perryville.

The casino opened in September but Perryville has yet to see a dime of its share of the proceeds. Meanwhile, the town has spent more than $500,000 of its $4.5 million operating budget to move a public works facility closer to the casino and for fire and police services.

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5 responses to “The Daily Record: Editorial – Give Perryville its due

  1. “We think he’s exactly right, but Cecil County doesn’t see it that way.”

    Really, Mike?

    I clicked on the link you provided to read the article. I was surprised to see the second sentence in the article actually states “…but Harford County doesn’t see it that way.”

    Mike Dixon – are you now changing public record? And if so – why?

  2. John that’s a linked story from the Daily Record. They say they agree with the mayor of Perryville about the trouble he’s having getting Cecil County to hand over the municipalities share of the money. We agree with it too, but this piece is from that major newspaper’s op/ed page.

    Why is it so hard for the Mayor to get the county and the local development council to hand over the share of money that’s allocated to the municipality?Can you help us understand that? Is it because the county has figured out how much money they’re going to hand over to the caisno to keep it from closing, or to help it open and expand. That’s why they said they were meeting a business in that closed door meeting. The business turned out to be the casino. The discussion turned out to be about how much of the revenue the caisno had handed over to the county that our political leaders would going to hand back to the casino. Confusing actually, but sure didn’t sound like a reason for a closed door session unless the casino was going to open, close or expand. But I guess they have to figure out what was agred to by the previous commissioners so they can see what remains for everyone. That, however, is not what they stated on their form that authorized a closed door meeting.

    Although the county hasn’t been able to sort out how to spend its windfall (whatever that amount is going to turn out to be, considering the complications), Perryville’s leadership has incurred expenses and they’ve had their plance in place since late last year.

    Just hand their allocated share of the money over to them and get out of the way. We agree with the editorial, since you asked?

  3. Mike, I believe you missed the point of my question. I asked if you changed the words in the second sentence from “Harford County” to “Cecil County” on your post.

    As for the other questions you had – why don’t you ask the county and the mayor and the local development council what the reasons are?

    • John is correct Mike.

      Creative editing to sway opinion, from a declared journalist and historian in such a way and then neglecting to respond, tends to dispel any claim you make regarding trustworthy journalism.

      Why did you change the text of the article you were quoting?

      Are you possibly channeling Dunn?

  4. It appears that slots are not turning out to be the grand savior that the citizens were promised that they would be, and it’s still early in the game. Recall the reasons that Maryland enacted laws to phase out slots back in 1963…

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