Del. James on Funding for Cecil County Schools; Scouts, Plumpton Park Cecil Zoo, Detention Center & More

From the Dagger

From the office of Del. Mary-Dulany James:

Dear Friends,

As session begins to wind down, I wanted to update you on the several parts of the Capital Budget that will benefit our area. The Capital Budget includes funding for a number of specific important local projects that focuses on buildings and construction. As well, I wanted to let you know about my efforts to protect manufacturing jobs and oppose a tax increase that would have impacted a great number of people.

Harford and Cecil Schools Get $16.6 Million for Construction

Part of the Capital Budget is funding for schools to improve buildings and undertake renovations. I am proud to say that our area schools did very well in this year’s Capital Budget. Harford County schools will receive $14.8 million for construction, a $1 million increase over last year, and Cecil County schools will get $1.8 million, a $100,000 increase over last year. Harford Community College is set to receive $8.7 million for construction and another $1.16 million to renovate and expand the Susquehanna Center. The College has been trying to fund this project for a couple of years and I am pleased that this will get it moving forward. Cecil Community College is set to receive $2.2 million for Phase I of construction of the Science Laboratory Arts and Sciences Building.

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2 responses to “Del. James on Funding for Cecil County Schools; Scouts, Plumpton Park Cecil Zoo, Detention Center & More

  1. Jackie Gregory

    While some of these items may be valid because there is a public necessity for certain things, like a jail, etc., private organizations should raise their own funds. “Jimmy” the giraffe was much more “beloved” $100,000 ago. Until our legislators get a fundamental understanding of what the role of the government is vs. the role of the private sector, we will never get our financial affairs in order. Both parties are responsible, and those who have the mentality that the money is going to be spent anyway, so I may as well get a piece of the pie, are as bad as those who are handing the money out freely. Our legislators are reckless spending addicts. While transportation funds have been largely cut and our state has an insolvent pension system, we are investing money in “Jimmy” the giraffe. Of course there are those in the house who refused earmarks this year. Thank you to them for showing some restraint.
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  2. Jackie,
    I totally agree with you. I was outraged when I heard of this “pet” project. along with the sewer system for the girl scout camp. I am still paying for my sewer and I guess I will get to pay more in taxes to support these pet projects. While I commend the private initiatives of the new owners of the zoo, I reject the actions of “public servants” who raid the treasury at will for whatever reason they think is right. What is interesting is that the zoo is not even in her district, I guess Del. Dave was afraid to take claim for this raid on tax dollars.

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