In Interest of Transparency, Official Requests Elkton Alliance Start Providing Regular Reports to Mayor & Commissioners

Elkton Town Meeting, April 6, 2011 – Commissioner Charles Hick requested the Elkton Alliance start providing quarterly progress reports for the mayor and commissioners on how the revitalization effort is going downtown.  “People are asking me questions..”   “Is it possible for the sake of being more transparent to the community” to get reports on the budget, expenditures, and activities of the town’s revitalization authority, he continued.   Created in the late 1990s, the Elkton Alliance, the town’s revitalization authority, is charged with bringing vitality back to the central business district.   Commissioner Jablonski, the Elkton’s Main Street Manager, didn’t respond to the statement so there was no indication as to whether the request will be implemented.


4 responses to “In Interest of Transparency, Official Requests Elkton Alliance Start Providing Regular Reports to Mayor & Commissioners

  1. All commissioners should be responsible for the work they are doing. There does not seem to be a great deal of business activity going on in the business district to attract the residents into town. Perhaps they should separate the Chamber from the Alliance and let the Chamber go back to promoting the parades, auctions and luncheons they were good at.

  2. how do you just “not respond”? i assumed there have always been reports made regarding the revialization. as a resident of elkton i have not seen much revitalization going on. we do have a new bail bonds man on main street, though.

  3. The weather is getting warmer, Elaine, so soon you will see hookers and drug dealers revitalizing the streets downtown. The police force will do nothing, and our non-responding commissioner will just blame the moral blight on the sole package store downtown, because its owner asks difficult questions at town board meetings.

  4. Hu, that’s funny “The police force will do nothing” hahahaha.. Elkton Police Handle more calls for service than the Cecil County Sheriff’s Department and Maryland State Police in Cecil County combined. Check the figures yourself if you don’t believe me. Besides, what do you expect them to do? It’s not a crime until it’s committed. Instead of providing criticism why don’t you suggest some answers? Stop being the problem, start being the solution.

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