Cecil Whig Takes Summer Vacation From Having Content Available Only to Paid Subscribers

Since the Internet revolutionized the distribution of print news content, publishers have struggled with creating a business model that will support the enterprise.  It’s a national challenge as well paid executives at legacy media companies work on figuring out a solution in this age when the paper delivered to your doorstep in the morning is stable.

Locally, he Cecil Whig has tried a number of strategies with online delivery of content.  Initially its online product was free to anyone surfing over to www.cecilwhig.com but several years ago the publisher placed the content behind a paid firewall.  That took place on exactly the same day the New York Times decided its needed to move its material out from behind a firewall so anyone surfing over to the nation’s newspaper could browse through the articles and columns.  Recently the major daily started testing a hybrid approach where a certain number of articles are free each year, before readers have to start paying a nominal fee.

This week, the Whig announced its content will be free for anyone visiting the website.  It’s an “opportunity for those local residents that have never visited our site, or visited infrequently, to try it out for the summer for free. Our sites will be open now through the summer until Labor Day weekend … so we welcome you to visit, explore, and enjoy all our offerings,”  David Fike, the publisher of the paper said in a published article.

Here’s the link www.cecilwhig.com


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