Cecil County Spending Taxed Enough Already: Delegate David Rudolph’s 2009 Comments on Toll Hikes

From Cecil County Spending Taxed Enough Already

by Ted

While reviewing information on the current Cecil County toll hikes at the Hatem Bridge I came across some interesting commentary from one of our elected officials on this issue a couple years ago.  You have to ask yourself whether these comments haven’t contributed to the sorry predicament we’re facing today.

We need our elected officials to speak boldly and fight the hard fights in Annapolis and it seems that Delegate David Rudolph has been too willing to cut deals and make compromises that have ultimately led to ever increasing bridge tolls on Cecil County residents.  Below are Delegate David Rudolph’s (District 34B – D) comments submitted to the Maryland Transportation Authority posted on his website January 29, 2009.  These comments were related to a different toll increase proposed at that time which largely set the stage for where we stand today facing outrageous increase proposals:

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3 responses to “Cecil County Spending Taxed Enough Already: Delegate David Rudolph’s 2009 Comments on Toll Hikes

  1. Kennard Wiggins

    Maryland has a state sales tax that applies equally to all residents, as well as those who make a purchase in the state. It taxes the incomes of its citizens in exactly the same way in Washington County as it does in Somerset County. You may not like taxes, but there is comfort in knowing that it is universally applied and everyone pays their “fair” share. I understand that some of my tax money pays for services and facilities elsewhere in the state, and likewise, that others may pay for improvements to my particular County.

    Why then, are the tolls (read “use taxes”) on bridges, tunnels and highways throughout the state charged at different rates? What is the rationale for this uneven scheme? Why are Cecil County residents forced to pay a disproportionately higher use tax while other locales pay less? The Baltimore bridge and tunnel users pay less than half the fare of the rural county users, and the Montgomery County users are taxed at about one fifth the rate of rural counties for the use of the ICC. The urban users in Baltimore and suburban Washington also enjoy abundant alternate routes should they choose to avoid tolls.

    Those of us on the rural periphery, at the Potomac, on the Bay and in the Northeast all will pay a disproportionate and manifestly mandatory tariff on the use of Transportation Authority facilities. There are almost no alternative routes in the periphery if citizens want to avoid tolls. We have no choice but to pay.

    The result is not only unfair and inequitable, but penalizes those on the rural periphery. Imagine if the state followed the logic of the MTA, and increased sales and income taxes only for those of us in the rural parts of the state. Then it would at least have the virtue of being truly consistent.

  2. Sshhhh! Don’t give them the idea…

  3. ” Cecil County, Gateway to Delaware Tax-Free Shopping “

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