The Record: Cecil County and town at impasse on Perryville impact money

From the (Havre de Grace) Record
BY KIRSTEN DIZE, kdize@theaegis.comAfter a meeting between the town and Cecil County, it remains unclear when
Perryville will receive impact money from the Hollywood Casino.  Perryville Mayor Jim Eberhardt said Cecil County officials inserted a sunset clause that he and the town commissioners disagree with. The clause gives an expiration date to the agreement for impact money use that would bring the agreement to an end in three years.

“We did not agree to the sunset clause,” Eberhardt said.  His said his impression was that after the three years, the county planned to change the impact percentages to Perryville’s detriment, reducing the agreed portion of 35 percent.

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One response to “The Record: Cecil County and town at impasse on Perryville impact money

  1. Stop The Blackmail:

    On Tuesday, commissioners voted 4-1 to maintain a three-year sunset clause in a slots revenue distribution agreement they want Perryville to sign.

    The signing must happen before the county will release the town’s 35 percent share of nearly $4 million that has been accumulating since Hollywood Casino Perryville opened last year.

    The debate between the two government bodies stems from a loosely worded agreement signed by the previous board of commissioners and town officials that sets out a split of slots revenues of 65 percent to the county and 35 percent to the town, without designating an end to the terms.

    State law says that “local jurisdictions” would get 5.5 percent of the gross revenue generated by a slots casino. Cecil County agreed to divide the revenue with Perryville because they both would be impacted by the casino.

    The behavior of the Cecil County Board of Commissioners in this issue is reprehensible, and tantamount to blackmail.

    The original agreement should stand in perpetuity; it was hammered out several years ago based upon the perceived impact.

    Concerns have been raised that the casino revenues might drop; what difference does this make? A percentage is a percentage, and, if revenues did drop, then Perryville will take their knocks in exactly the same way as the County. The County should honor the existing agreement, and stop holding the Town of Perryville to ransom.

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