The (Havre de Grace:) Patch: Protests, Tolls and Trolls: The Hatem Bridge Conundrum

The (Havre de Grace) Patch

by Amber Woods

Throughout the years, I’ve been on the “other” side of the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge rather frequently.  I’ve also listened as numerous residents of Perryville and Port Deposit joked (or at least I think they were joking) about how Havre de Grace residents are from “over there,” as if the Hatem Bridge spans from Florida to Cuba or something.

When I was news editor of The Record, I used to attend monthly town meetings in Port Deposit and the joke was always that Cecil County residents never left “the better” side of the bridge.  Back in the newsroom of The Record and The Aegis in Bel Air, there was a longstanding joke among newsroom staff that the folks who lived in Port Deposit truly never did cross the bridge to Havre de Grace. We laughed about how many of them thought Port Deposit was the end of the earth.  Was there a troll under the bridge that scared them away?

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