I am proud of Cecil County: Commissioner Robert Hodge on Toll Hearing

Letter to the Editor – From Commissioner Hodge  

          On June 16th, there was a Public Hearing at Perryville High School for input on the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) proposal to increase tolls on the Hatem Bridge and other MDTA facilities.  I went, concerned that not enough people would attend to effectively show Cecil County’s opposition to this proposal. I was wrong.

            Estimates for attendance have varied from 700 to 1200 participants, while an untold number of people were turned away due to the immense crowding. This turnout makes me proud, as it shows that Cecil County residents will stand up for ourselves, and that we will fight the things that must be fought.

       What I am really happy about is the unified stance of all of those participants against the proposed increases. Hundreds of people were willing to give up an evening of their personal time to let MDTA know exactly how we feel.  I hope the MDTA listens to all who spoke out against the toll hikes and provided ideas and alternative solutions. 

             This fight is not over.  On Monday, June 27th, the MDTA is holding another Public Hearing at the Havre de Grace Activity Center, 351 Lewis Lane in Havre de Grace. Registration for public comment begins at 5:30 PM and formal presentation and testimony begins at 6:00 PM.  We must go and support our fellow Marylanders in Harford County in our fight against the MDTA proposal.

Robert J. Hodge

County Commissioner 5th District




One response to “I am proud of Cecil County: Commissioner Robert Hodge on Toll Hearing

  1. Diane Carabetta

    Thank you Commissioner Hodge (and the other commissioners and elected officials) for your efforts to get word out to the community about the toll increase meeting. The turnout was tremendous! I especially liked the audience member who kept asking, “Do you think they get it yet?” Testimony made it clear that the toll hike proposal definitely hurts families, elderly, children involved in sports, those needing medical care, businesses and the connection between the communities.

    Let’s hope that the commission listens to the input and makes a reasonable decision to keep the AVI stickers (kudos to the speaker who pointed out that the grocery store uses UPI and the grocery stores don’t believe the stickers are obsolete), not charge the truckers an arm and leg to do business by scalping the commercial users and eventually moves the toll line to the Delaware border. It is crucial that Cecil County supports our neighbors in Harford County by attending the Monday, June 27th meeting.

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