Cecil County Spending: Disappointment: MDGOP “Leaders” Supported Earmarks in 2011 Session

From Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already

Although Maryland Republicans have largely done a good job of opposing tax increases and out-of-control spending in Annapolis, they disappointed many with the sponsoring of some earmarks during the 2011 legislative session. What is more troubling is that those leading the GOP delegations in Annapolis were some of the biggest culprits.

GOP Minority Leader in the Maryland Senate, Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-District 34) sponsored, along with Delegate Dave Rudolph (D-District 34B), an earmark for $100,000 for a giraffe conservation center at Plumpton Park Zoo in Rising Sun, Md. Of course if you are from Cecil County, you know about and have sympathy for the fledgling Plumpton Park Zoo, but should taxpayers fund a giraffe center there during a major economic downturn? The state of Maryland cannot balance its budget, runs in perpetual structural deficit, and has untold long-term, unfunded liabilities–yet $100,000 can be spent on a giraffe center? It is doubtful that the people of Cecil County would agree that such an earmark was the best way to spend public money.

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4 responses to “Cecil County Spending: Disappointment: MDGOP “Leaders” Supported Earmarks in 2011 Session

  1. Nothing but the Truth

    You failed to mention the nine bonds bills pushed by Sen. E. J. Pipkin which will commit taxpayers to long term debt, how convienent!

  2. Wait….isn’t a Zoo good for tourism? Isn’t that our path to prosperity and lower taxes? Shouldn’t we support a Giraffe over doz big, bad, corporations that might come here and ruin our County? You know, like Gore and Ikea. We sure don’t want any more of doz rascals round her messin’ up our County. I say Yea Jimmy, you rule bro.

    Yea Jimmy, Yea Jimmy, Yeeeeeeaaaaaa JIMMY!

  3. Ted Patterson is correct to call out Senator Pipkin for his hypocrisy.

  4. Did Jimmy support someones campaign? And if so, under what alias?

    I guess Jimmy is the only face E.J. can see with his nose so high in the air.

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