The Record: Perryville at standstill with county on casino money

From the Record
The Town of Perryville remains at a standstill with Cecil County on an agreement to distribute local impact money from the Hollywood Casino Perryville.  Town officials say they will seek further information to determine their next step, which could lead to a court battle between the two sides.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the town commissioners voted to fund a youth outreach program through September when the town expects to receive about $60,000 in grant money for the program from the county.”As you all know, funding for the outreach program was in the LDC money,” Mayor Jim Eberhardt said, referring to local impact grant money from the Hollywood Casino Perryville.

The slots casino, under state law, is required to give 5.5 percent of its gross gaming revenue per month to Perryville and Cecil County as part of the local impact grant. In 2009, Perryville and Cecil County agreed the local impact grant money would be split with 65 percent going to the county and 35 percent to the town.

article continues on the Record


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