Press Release: Commissioner Robert Hodge Announces Candidacy for Re-election

Press Release, August 12, 2011

Cecil County, MD…Today Commissioner Robert Hodge officially announced his re-election campaign for Cecil County Council (formerly Board of Commissioners) in the 5th District.

“Now, more than ever before, Cecil County needs proven leadership to guide the County during these difficult times,” said Hodge. “I have worked hard to provide common sense leadership to improve the way County Government provides services to the citizens of Cecil County. However, there is still much work to be done on important issues, such an improving our local economy, making county government more cost efficient and installing infrastructure in the growth area of the County. That’s why I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election.”

During Hodge’s tenure in office, he has established a reputation of being a “work horse” for the people of the County. Some of his accomplishments include: passing the Cecil County Comprehensive Plan, completing the Comprehensive Rezoning process, adopting the Unsafe Structures Code, updating the Electrical Standards Ordinance, developing a Natural Gas Franchise, finding a workable solution for providing wastewater treatment for Bainbridge/Port Deposit, and working to extend the life of the County landfill. He also initiated the Animal Control Task Force.

When it comes to fiscal issues, Hodge has been an outspoken advocate for the taxpayers by establishing a Citizens Budget Advisory Commission; implementing cost cutting measures such as reducing the number of employee take-home cars; lowering the tax rate for the first time in many years; refunding landfill bonds; opposing legislation that would have mandated binding arbitration for county employees; and improving transparency of the Board of Commissioners. He successfully fought to prevent mandatory requirements that would have increased the cost of building a new home.

Looking ahead, Hodge’s goals for moving Cecil County forward include:

• Stretching tax dollars while maintaining vital services;

• Creating a business friendly climate that spurs job growth and an increased tax base;

• Improving accountability and responsiveness of county government and it’s elected officials;

• Continuing to create more transparency within Cecil County Government; and

• Lowering the tax burden.

“I firmly believe in a less intrusive government. I am not looking to expand the role, but rather make the County Government more efficient. These are the goals I strive for as a Commissioner every day,” said Hodge.


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