Letter to the Blog: Reader Asks if Cecil County Patriots are Meeting at Cecil County Administration Building

A Letter to the Blog:  

I have been informed the Cecil County Patriots are having their meetings in the County Administration Building. I must say I was surprised to hear an organization was allowed to use the administration building. Would you know if this is correct? What authority would be needed? I would think the Democrat and Republican Clubs and the Central Committe would appreciate the same courtesy. Cecil County has many clubs and organizations that may be interested also. I would appreciate any informations you may have.

Thank you!!

Concerned Citizen


Response from the Blog

Dear Concerned Citizen.  We don’t have any information on whether the Cecil County Tea Party is using the county administration building for meetings, but we’ll make inquiry next week and share the administration’s response for you.  We’ll also ask about the county’s policy on use of the building for political groups. 

Someone Noticed


3 responses to “Letter to the Blog: Reader Asks if Cecil County Patriots are Meeting at Cecil County Administration Building

  1. The county Republican Central Committee meets at the public library in Elkton. The central committee endorses and contributes to political candidates and its members are elected by voters in the political process every four years. The Patriots do not endorse candidates for political office.

  2. Robbie, thanks for sharing your information. Once the issue of endrosements was raised during the election and the arguments ensued about how helpful such a strategy was going to be for voters seeking to identify fiscal conservatives, we seem to recall that the Tea Party here finally endorsed some candidates. Weren’t there endorsements for Andy Harris and few others as the noise grew about that particularl strategy? Do we recall that correcty? It seems that the Red Righter http://www.redrighter.wordpress.com
    was covering that angle. Anyway thanks for sharing what you understand and we’ll check with the county to see what the policy is on that and whether political groups are meeting there?

  3. It is my understanding that any group can use the cafeteria of the administration building if they pay a set fee, which the Patriots do.

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