Cecil County Commissioner Hodge Proposes Wastewater Connection Fee Hikes; Board Says “Not So Fast”

From Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already

The Cecil County Commissioners were set to vote tonight on a waste water connection fee proposal that would greatly increase the cost of development in Cecil County. The proposal would increase connection fees by thousands of dollars per unit charged to developers for linking into the county waste water treatment system. Cecil County Department of Public Works Director Scott Flanigan says the increases need to be approved to fund necessary waste water infrastructure improvements for the county. Commissioner Robert Hodge made an initial motion in support of phased increases over a multi-year period that did not receive support from the other Commissioners. It is expected that the proposal will be considered again on September 20th.

At this point in time, Commissioners Dunn and Mullin are opposed to increasing the connection fees. Commissioners Broomell and Moore are interested in getting more information about the issue and Commissioner Hodge is in support of the connection fee increases. A source from the county meeting held this evening reported that at least one business owner was present at the meeting speaking against the proposed fee increases and that representatives of the home builders association attended in opposition as well.

During a time of economic downturn in our area, it is surprising that the Commissioners would think that raising such fees would be a good idea. . . .

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2 responses to “Cecil County Commissioner Hodge Proposes Wastewater Connection Fee Hikes; Board Says “Not So Fast”

  1. Ted, your headline stating that Commissioner Hodge proposed wastewater connection fee hikes is inaccurate and misleading. An article in today’s Cecil Whig supports my contention. The large proposed increase is based on a consultant’s study and is recommended by the Director of Public Works. Hodge merely proposed changes to that proposal that would benefit new users. If the full board was against the proposal, it would have been rejected outright rather than being postponed three times. The Whig headline is accurate: “County continues study into raising sewer connection fees”. User fees imposed to support an enterprise fun are not taxes.

  2. How much of the sewer costs are the people who are not on the sewer system picking up right now? Where can I find the details?

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