Cecil County Spending: MDTA Releases a New “Sham” Toll Increase Plan

From Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already

A newly revised sham toll increase plan was released today by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) that will STILL increase tolls across our state. It doesn’t seem like the MDTA heard the thousands of people who came out to the hearings from all over Maryland demanding the MDTA not increase tolls. Visit the MDTA website to read the specifics of the new proposal:

Click Here to See Today’s Notice to the Public

Yes, the MDTA did reduce the increase in tolls, but an increase is an increase–and these increases are still substantial increases. The message from the people was NO INCREASES–not for the MDTA to wait a little while for public anger to cool down and then quietly and quickly pass a sham toll increase anyhow.

Cecil County citizens should call and e-mail our local Delegates and State Senators to demand they fight this revised plan. First, this plan should be presented in another round of public hearings.

article continues on Cecil County Spending


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