Cecil County Commissioner Broomell’s Letter to the Editor — the Artesian Contract

Letter to the Editor From Commissioner Diana Broomell

I wanted to clarify a few issues surrounding the Artesian Contract with Cecil County. First, the County Commissioners did not initiate the termination of the wastewater contract with the county, it was Artesian. The Commissioners were shocked by this revelation because this was after the Courts affirmed that Cecil County Government could sell their assets even if they were still in public use, after the Commissioners sent their letter of support to the PSC regarding phase 2 of the Elkton West Franchise, and after the Commissioners voted to move forward on refinancing the bond for Artesian to purchase the assets. While all the Commissioners agreed to ask Artesian if they would be willing to discuss the 10 items of concern in the contract, Artesian declined. It seemed Artesian was on
a path for closing a very lucrative deal with the County and many are still
bewildered as to why they took this course of action now. If it really was due
to the “political environment“, wouldn’t Artesian have also canceled the water

Commissioner Diana Broomell


28 responses to “Cecil County Commissioner Broomell’s Letter to the Editor — the Artesian Contract

  1. I am amazed that Ms Broomell thinks that she speaks for ALL the commissioners or ALL the Citizens of Cecil County. When someone fibs enough, they may finally convince themselves, but never anyone who actually pays attention to the self-serving deception and personal agendas supported by her rubes. Ms Broomell truly lives in a world of her own fantasy creation.

  2. Your entire comment is merely a personal attack and does not adress the issue nor the logic behind the commissioner’s claims.

    • There is no logic to Broomell’s letter.She did all she could to kill the deal. Went to the PSC on her own to seek a delay because the 3 Amigos fired the attorney.Sought Smigiel’s help in seeking a delay. The letter of support was given under threat of a breach of conduct lawsuit. “Refinancing the bond FOR ARTESIAN TO PURCHASE THE ASSETS” is false. The bond refinance was to reflect savings resulting from the sale and retirement of bonds, saving the county money. The water deal was the plum, they avoided taking the lemon. The (negative) political climate is Broomell, Dunn, Mullin, Smigiel, and Pipkin.

  3. Yes, Hu, it is a personal attack. Ms Broomell has taken it upon herself to personally destroy our county’s growth potential.

    Hu, I take it you have not been following the saga of Ms Broomell’s and ARCA’s vendettas and personal agendas to kill the Artesian deal. It has cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars to date, and the future will bring millions of dollars of cost to county residents.

    Ms Broomell’s ‘explanation’ merely makes a lame excuse for her actions and tries to blame Artesian, a very successful company by the way, for determining that doing business in Cecil County under the current political regime is not good for business. She has effectively created such a stench which is overwhelming economic growth, that Cecil County will be avoided by any corporations that ever thought of locating here.

    I think Ms Broomell should take basic courses in economics, ethics and negotiations.

    One last note. I do not completely blame Ms Broomell for her actions. She has been hand picked, schooled and continues to be guided by Smigiel and Pipkin.

    Let me ask you this, Hu. What do they have against Cecil County? What will be their gain at the failing of Cecil County Economic Growth? Where do they think the funds will come from in the future if there are not jobs?

    • Glad you are back Raoul. I was afraid that you were imprisoned on Smipkin Island. As the filing deadline approaches, the SMIPKIN (Del. Mike Smigiel and Sen. ET Pipkin) will reveal their nefarious intentions. Minions in the closet will emerge. The latest scam is “Please, no personal attacks and let’s be civil”. Poor 3 Amigos. I guess Smigiel Legislative Asst / Smipkin / Perryville Town Commissioner “Mad Mike” Dawson didn’t get the memo. He continues to embarass himself with baseless attacks on fellow board members. Will SMIPKIN force Mullin to run again? Perfect target of opportunity to signal disgust with the Dismal Conservative SMIPKIN Team.

  4. Wow, after the way that the deal went down with the Town of Elkton and Artesian I would have thought that no one would have wanted to do business with Artesian. Raoul, I should have known that you would think that fining a town $200,000.00 for water overidges was economic development. You said that Commissioner Broomell is killing ecomonic growth in the county. The real truth is that there has not been any growth in this county for years. Unless of course you were chosen by the good ol’ boys or part of the local government. It has only been since Commissioners Broomell and Dunn have been elected that we have made any progress in economic development. They were the ones who finally got rid of the Economic Development Director who had not had a plan for growth in this county since 2004.

    Ed, please do not waste any time telling everyone who the Smipikns are. They already know. I would have thought that everyone who hates the Smipikins( like the patriots, the good ol’ boys, Roaul and yourself) would be in their glory now that Commisioner Moore is running for County Executive. This should take care of any seats you may have lost in the past election. If she wins she will continue to grow the size of government, raise taxes, and tell everyone it is” their money”, and than she will spend it. Does anyone else find it funny that she has not even been a Commissioner for a year and she is already running for another office. I guess she has already accomplished everything she wanted to do in less then one year. If Commisioner Moore does win, this will be great for Raoul and Ed because they will get what they have been wanting for years, which is total control over the county since it will take 4 out of 5 Council members’ votes to stop anyting the County Executive wants to do. If Tari Moore wins, you will basically just have elected Robert Hodge in a dress. They are one in the same and all you have to do is check their voting records to prove it.

    • Mr Zeauskas, Truer words were never printed/spoken. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

    • Chris Z, are you still Chairman of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee? If so you should not be making personal attacks critical of GOP elected officials. I read on Cecil Topix that your committee has not met since June. If true and you are in violation of state by-laws, do you have a reason?

      • Chris Zeauskas. Please answer my questions. Are you Chairman of the Republican Central Committee? Have you met since June? Have you raised any money for candidates? Why are you ashamed.of your role as Chairman? Check with The Smipkin (Mike Smigiel & ET Pipkin ) for talking points and get back to Republicans.

  5. Chris, I am very impressed with this very intellectual novel you have written here. The spelling is very good and your facts are right on the money. Your economic theories are earth shaking. Now wake up please!

    Where were you when the town signed up to such an agreement? Did you attend the public meeting? Don’t bother I know the answer: NO! You should look in the mirror before making groundless claims about Commissioners Hodge and Moore. You have been an utter failure as Chairman of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee. There have been no meetings since June. You failed to have booths at public events in Cecil County, you failed to take action when one of the current members of the committee leveled false charges against another member and former members. The web site has not been updated since June; our next meeting is still listed as being in July. You have violated the by-laws by not giving proper notice for meetings and changes locations at the last minute. There have been very few meeting minutes produced and provided to the members. I can not wait to see the financial report you file with the State Department of Elections. How much money have you raised for next years election? Oh, that’s right you had a very successful fund raiser at Patriot’s Glen that made a grand total of $18 dollars. You did manage to pull off the Chicken BQ, but only after pleas for help went out to the “Good Ole Boys” you now want to trash. You as CHAIRMAN of the Republican Party in Cecil County should not be bashing sitting Republican officials; this is total dereliction of duty on your part.

    I am very surprised that you did not include President Mullin in you novel; I guess you are getting ready to throw him under the bus like just like Delegate Sossi. I would figure that you would be supporting Commissioner Moore for County Executive since you can then just slide into the seat without ever letting the public vote for you or you having to spend a dollar. Very neat way to gain a seat! Are you afraid that the Cecil County Patriots might show up at the first council meeting? This only means to me that you and your Smipkin brethren must be going to launch an attack on President Mullin since he must not be towing the strict Smipkin line. As the old saying goes “With friends like you who needs enemies”!

    Anyone with a bit of sense would have to wonder why when in the midst of a deep recession the county would want to remove its Economic Director without having a replacement in hand. Sounds like a turnover to me! Please explain to the astute readers of this column what progress we have had in economic development since last December. If you call punting the ball when you are in the red zone success then I guess the Smipkins have a championship team.

  6. Joe Carabetta you are a member of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee. Every day all day you are posting on all blogs nasty, negative, stupid remarks in regards to other members of the Central Committee as well as Smigiel, Pipkin, Dunn, Broomell and until now Mullin. All Republicans.And yet you have the audacity to attack Chris Zeauskas. People (Joe Carabetta) that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

    • Republican Voter: Wake up. Dunn &Mulling are members of the GOP Central Committee.

      • Correct. So what is your point? Thank you I am awake it is Dunn & MULLIN.

        • My point is that you wrote “other members of the Central Committee AS WELL AS Smigiel, Pipkin, Dunn, Broomell and until now Mullin”. Dunn and Mullin are members of the Central Committee. You write as if they are not members. I hear Mullin referred to as “just Mulling around”, so I assumed that is the spelling. BTW, is Zeauskas the Chairman? He won’t respond so maybe you can fill in the blanks.

      • OH NO Boo Boo Time. 10/27 your reply to me came as Real GOP. Then 10/27 your reply came to me as Ed Burke. It starts my point. How can Ed Burke and Real GOP have the same reply and yet be two different people. I know they are the same person.You gotta be more careful. As for Zeauskas I don’t answer for other people. Try calling him or go on the Republican Central Committee Site.Ofcourse that doesn’t give YOU ALL a chance to attack him does it?

  7. Zeauskas: Why would you blame Artesian for the deal with Elkton? That sounds like “Occupy” rhetoric…”They got bailed out; we got sold out”. Instead of blaming the “evil” corporation, put responsibility where it belongs, at the feet of those who were elected to look out for the best interest of the citizens of Elkton. It sounds like the increased costs are to pay for capital improvements that were necessary to guarantee a supply of water even in adverse weather conditions. Without those improvements the town of Elkton would experience water outages. Did Elkton town officials knowingly agree to this, believing it was in the best interest of Elkton residents or were they negligent in not knowing the details of the plan before signing it? I don’t know; do you? The responsibility for this contract begins and ends with them.
    You also suggest that firing the county economic director constitutes “economic development”? I would hope that for the 9.3% of county citizens out of work that we would hold our standards a little higher than that. Please support your comments about Moore with facts. How Moore has grown government and what taxes she has raised?
    And finally, if you ever expect to get any respect, maybe you should stop calling yourself a Smipkin. What self-respecting grown man affiliates himself as a follower of 2 other grown man and calls his group by their name?

  8. Republican Voter (Smipkin),
    If you think holding elected officials to promises and commitments made to voters is “throwing stones”, then I have a whole quarry full. Stop saying one thing and doing another! Bye the way, be a real man and use your own name when posting on this site. Why are you hiding from the light of day?

    • Wrong again Joe Carabetta. Being wrong seems to be a pattern for you. I am not Delegate Smigiel. It would be very hard for me to be a real man when I am female. “stop saying one thing and doing another” I suggest you take your own advice.before you give it to some one else. I wonder if your problem is a big ego or sour grapes over the last election. Almost not being reelected would sap your ego a little.

      • Being elected to the current committee was no victory. 7 do nothing Smipkin majority guaranteed failure. Zeauskas doesn’t seem to know if he is the chair. Do you?

  9. Republican voter: Joe did not identify you as Delegate Smigiel. However, both Joe and I published our names with our posts. Why are you afraid to expose your identity? Are you unwilling to stand by your statements as a real person rather than just a figment of cyberspace? If you lack the courage to identify yourself with your statements then you shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    Speaking of glass houses, [Somone Noticed edit] . . . .

  10. Economic growth is a point waved like a flag, often without any true undertanding of cause, or cost. Years ago Artesian partnered with the Town of Middletown, supplying both water and wastewater services. And growth took off. The property taxes in the Appoquinimink School District doubled since 1997. Now, as of November 8, 2011, the New Castle County Sheriff lists (365) properties for foreclosure, (19) in the Middletown limits.
    And check the CNBC website for Delaware’s national ranking for Quality of Life, #48, outpacing only Mississippi and Louisiana.
    So what has the expansion, or economic growth, brought the citizens of Delaware, thanks, in part , to Artesian Water? Prior to the Artesian / Middeltown contract, Mayor Ken Branner loudly complained about the Middletown growth constraints, then through New Castle County’s control of the water and wastewater system. In stepped Artesian and the rest is history. Houses sprouted throughout the farm fields and Appoquinimink’s classrooms hardly kept pace. Delaware’s bonded debt doubled. The worldwide financial crisis, based on the failure of residential mortgages, spread worldwide. And we are still trying to dig out.
    Check the Cost of Community Services studies through the American farmland Trust and you can clearly see that building lots of just houses can lead to a fiscally painful conclusion, unless you’re a landholder looking to profit and run…
    But not to worry about the office holders as Mayor Branner was last known to be employed by none other than Artesian Water.

  11. Republican voter(Smipkin),
    You are wrong again! I never mentioned Del. Smigiel in my response, you assumed that, very interesting….. As former chairman of the Republican Central Committee was elated with the election results, Every seat was captured except two. Had Mr. Patterson showed up for a few key events we would have won that race also. As far as my election, I put many hours into electing others, including Del. Smigiel, as I was elected to do and still came in seven out of nine without spending vast sums as the “Fiscal Conservative Team” did. All the grapes were too sweet to make wine out of!

  12. Come on Joe it doesn’t take a genius to know who you were talking about.Especially with (Smipkin) typed next to Republican Voter. Now that you mentioned being former chairman of the Republican Central Committee would you care to share why you were ask to leave that position or you would be forced out.I beleive the correct term is you were REMOVED. Noe that is interesting isn’t it?

    • DearRepublican Voter,
      I can reply to someone else’s post. My point is that the SMIPKIN majority central committee does nothing. Zeauskas is listed as the Chairman on the website, yet does nothing. The “Fiscal Conservative Team” is a big failure. Dunn and Mullin simply carry out the SMIPKIN agenda, including vendettas. Dawson (also on the Perryville Town Council) is always in the news criticizing everyone and everything. Classic Smipkin.
      Follow me to my reply to your attack on Joe Carabetta.

    • To Republican Voter (Smipkin). The answer, as you know, is that the SMIPKIN controlled Central Committee voted 7-2 to elect Chris Zeauskas as Chairman. This was a consolation prize since he lost to Tari Moore in the primary election for County Commissioner. He and the “Smipkin Central Committee have done nothing to advance the GOP. Ted Patterson and Chris Z like to blast the SMIPKIN enemies, especially the elected Republicans.

    • Republican Voter(Smipkin)
      A Smipkin is easy to spot, They spread false stories, tell everyone they are looking out for them when the only thing they look out for is themselves and attack their enemies. Again, you are wrong concerning the Chairmanship of the Republican Party, but that does not surprise me since it is the Smipkin way. Let no fake story go unturned! Come out into the light instead of lurking like a thief in the night!

  13. Diane(a) Carabetta

    Wow Chris, sometimes you just astound me. Commissioner Robert Hodge is one of the best, if not the best commissioner that Cecil County has seen in a very long time. I would be very happy to have someone like him at sitting in the County Executive position for Cecil County.

    Commissioner Hodge is a problem solver with a sharp mind. As just one example, Artesian water operates the Carpenters Point Water Company – a small, old system. The community has been plagued with multiple water leaks resulting in thousands of gallons of treated water filling the ditches along our streets. Artesian continually made repairs only to have the leaks happen again and again. One of the leaks was at 56 Cherry Lane and another major leak was at 1577 Carpenters Point Road. Thanks in large part to the help of Commissioner Hodge those leaks are finally repaired. Commissioner Hodge even worked with the community to make sure that the lawns were properly repaired.

    Commissioner Tari Moore has her own special talents, in addition to spending many late nights on commissioner duties; she also serves on boards, including Union Hospital, to better the county. She puts a nice pleasant face forward for Cecil County as she represents the county at many functions including Maryland Association of Counties (MACO). She brings with her public service skills and a friendly demeanor, two salient assets.

    Both Commissioner’s Hodge and Moore do their research and return phone calls. That says a lot in my book!

    As far as Commissioner Moore running for County Executive, the last time I looked, this was America and everyone has the right to pursue his or her dreams. If Commissioner Moore seeks to be County Executive Moore, that is her choice. I’m not sure why you would complain about since you would be a shoe-in to get her then vacant council seat.

    I would encourage you to put aside your bitterness over losing the election to Tari and work to become part of the solution – after all, Commissioner Moore’s vacated seat may well be yours a year from now. From there, you will have two years to prove your worthiness to the electorate before standing on your own for re-election. I would hope to see you face at the upcoming Drug Forum that Commissioners Broomell and Hodge are spearheading on Wednesday, November 9th at the County Office Building at 7 PM.

  14. Smipkin Watcher

    The Smipkins deserve watching. See my post regarding the Elkton town meeting on the water issue.

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