Elkton Prepares to Celebrate 225th Anniversary

Elkton is preparing to celebrate its 225th anniversary in a few weeks, according to signs that sprouted up around town.  The municipality, Town Commissioner and Elkton Alliance Director Mary Jo Jablonski reported at a recent council meeting, was established on May 25, 1787.  To mark this important milestone in the annals of the community, the Alliance, the county seat’s revitalization authority, is hosting a number of activities.  These include a downtown classic car show, national marriage day, a 5K run & old fashion street dance, and Memorial Day parade, the elected official reported. For more information contact the Elkton Alliance at 410-398-5076 or www.elktonalliance.org.

It seems just a short time ago that the county seat, a place that always found its history important, was observing the 200th anniversary.   For that big celebration, there were publications detailing the history of the old colonial town, lectures, a reenactment of the charter signing, a theatrically inspired performance portraying an early town meetings, special postal cancellations, and lots of other heritage products.  Of course, the typical community festivities filled the calendar too, including a big parade and popular downtown festival.

One of the highlights we fondly recall was a program that brought history to life.  Mayor James Crouse and the commissioners skillfully played the role of those early founding officials.  Complete with council members in colonial garb, and motions and votes from the era,  some engaging theatrics filled the old original chamber hall, as the public enjoyed the performance.  Mayor Crouse, played his part well, bantering with the crowd.  Other commissioners fell right in line with the show as if they were regular performers on stage, joking with the town bailiff, newspaper reporters and the audience.

These are great life-time memories to be made as a community honors it roots and its heritage.  We have some video tape of that day (especially the reenactment) so perhaps we’ll digitize some of it to share with readers.  Those publications that explored Elkton’s history are also something we keep nearby on a shelf for frequent consultation as questions come up.  Mrs. Dorothy Robinson, Mrs. Eva Muse and others spent lots of time digging up stories about Elkton’s past and getting it into print.  And there were Mrs. Robinson’s informative lectures on town history.

And now we near another anniversary, a moment in time to be proudly recalled for decades, as the Elkton Alliance prepares to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the founding of a historic town and honor its roots.


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