Elkton and the War of 1812: The Sign Has the Story

Early this Monday morning workers in downtown Elkton were out at the corner of Main and North Streets putting up a new sign.  By lunch time, anyone passing that way was able to pause and read an informative  wayside interpretive sign telling the story of the War of 1812 in Elkton and Maryland.  Part of the Star Spangled Banner National Heritage Trail, it has information on the local attacks on Elkton and the broader Maryland campaign.

On the upper Elk Creek, just outside town, a series of defensive arrangements were hastily put up in the spring of 1813 in preparation for an attack on the county seat.  Fort Hollingsworth and Fort Defiance were part of the placements and here’s how the Alexandria Gazette described the enemy attack in 1813: “Two small batteries . . . in the town . . . opened their fire upon the barges, and compelled them to retreat with considerable precipitation.”

Similar signs are going up at appropriate places all along the trail.  Be sure to read these attractive boards as you travel around the county and region.


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