In early 2008, the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton proposed selling a part of Elk Landing, a property that had just been acquired two years earlier through the Maryland Public Open Space Program. Located at the top of the Elk River in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, it is some of the most important open space and historic land in Cecil County.

When word leaked out that the town was planning to sell part of the acreage to a commercial developer, a public advocacy initiative was started to save the property, but we couldn’t get local media to cover the subject.  Consequently this blog was created as alternative new media.  It filled the gap in press coverage by reporting on the subject from information obtained at town meetings, freedom of information act requests, interviews and research.  After nine months of growing public awareness and many discussions at town meetings, the Mayor and Commissioners finally voted to abandon the attempt.

By that time Someone Noticed had developed a regular readership, with a wide range of people surfing over to the site.  We also had discovered a need to provide more information on the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton” for other topics we heard at town meetings often didn’t appear in print.  Thus it was decided that although the original purpose of the blog had passed, we would keep it alive as a public service.  We now concentrate on things of a broader civic interest for citizens of the Greater Elkton area, especially matters of local government that aren’t covered by local media.

I am publishing the blog privately and it is not affilated with any group.

Mike Dixon

This map published on the first about page outlined the area that it was believed the developer was seeking to acquire. Since officials would not answer the subject directly, we had to estimate what they were trying to do.

Mike Dixon


14 responses to “About

  1. Mike

    Your “watchdog” blog is much appreciated. I have forwarded your blog address to several individuals who are interested in what is going on in the town. Even as a member of the Town Planning Comm. I am often not aware of what is going on in the town. I usually read the minutes of The Alliance/Chamber and now I will also have your blog as a resource. Thank you.

  2. Donna:

    Thanks for reading “someone noticed,” and for blogging on the site. Please pass this around to anyone you think may be interested in this subject. As things happen, I’ll update “someone noticed” so the community is informed about the town policy as it relates to this value public open space. It’s turning out that this is an effective way to spread a message, when the subject isn’t being covered locally by media. We’ve had over 140 hits already today. While visitations to the site have been good running between 20 and 40 each day on average, today will be a record. Word is getting out there about the blog and search engines are now finding it.


  3. I also enjoy checking out your blog for info I don’t seem to get from the local paper.

    Please check out http://www.smigiel.wordpress.com for the story about the CCSPCA and the abuse of animals. I hope that you will add it to your blog to reach as many Cecil County residents as possible. Thank you.

  4. Katie

    I just checked out that story on Delegate Smigiel’s blog and saw the traffic he’s getting on that piece. I have a link to Delegate Smigiel’s Blog over on the Cecil County Blogroll on the right hand side of the page.

    I’d like to create a Cecil County Blogroll, sort of a directory of all Cecil County Blogs, so people can find them easily. If there are others out there and people will let me know, I’ll set up a link.

  5. I stummbled across your blog by accident when a search I was conducting showed the former CFO Andy Johnson and the lawsuit against the TOE for age discrimination. I can tell you what a joke that must have been since I worked for Public Works at the time. I know the evidence in the case did not reveal the truth regarding what really happened and the collusion between Mr. Johnson, the Director of Public works at the time and the Town Administrator coupled with the push back from the Director of HR who had uncovered issues with Mr. Johnsons conduct that eventually lead to his dismissal letter from Mayor and Council. It would appear from reading other responses that issues involving the big TOE raise more questions than answers. That’s the same conclusion I came to having dealt with Mayor Fisona and most of the still seated council.

  6. Dennis W. Brezina

    Yours is a great example of citizen journalism! Yes, you do “concentrate on things of broader civic interest for citizens…”
    You aim a spotlight on government — bringing greater transparency and, with it, better accountability… In my opinion, that enhances the opportunities for government to do more for the common good and general welfare, and less for special interests…
    Where might this lead? I think the internet/social media can play a huge roll in transforming government, not unlike what is happening already to the Postal Service, and eventually on that scale… Non-core government programs/services of significant value, if cut or eliminated, could spin off into the private sector… And, who knows where the revolution in Smart Phone APPS can lead — greater interactive civic participation?
    Citizen jounalism may well be opening up such opportunities…
    Keep up your fine work…
    Dennis Brezina, Chesapeake City

  7. Stephen Foster Sr

    Mike I just got the guardian and I see the armory is going on the surplus list.
    The town is ready to spend millions on a building on the other side of town that no one will go to partly because of its proximity to Hollingsworth manor the other being it is on the other side of town wouldn’t the armory be an ideal location. If not for the rec center i seem to recall the police chief saying he wanted a new location as they have outgrown their present accommodations what a great place for them to occupy If I recall from my youthful days there is even a range in the basement.

    Steve Foster

  8. Robert Moreland


    I happened across your page quite by chance when I was playing around on Google and did a search for my name. One of the links that happened to come up was the one below regarding a documentary video that I did for school regarding growth in Cecil County.


    Unfortunately something happened and the video wouldn’t run anymore so I had to take it down from YouTube so the link in your article is broken at this time. In case you are interested in fixing the link I was able to re-post the video to the web at the following link: http://vimeo.com/26385998

    In addition please allow me to say thank you for your kind words and praise of my work. Although this was a school project it was a subject that was dear to me and I worked very hard to bring it all together.

    Since that time I’ve made a few other videos. Some of them for fun and some of them for additional school projects. Another video which might interest you is one that I did regarding the Historic Society of Cecil County: http://vimeo.com/23565572

    Regards and again thank you for your kind words,
    Robert Moreland

  9. Thanks Robert. Keep up the good work as a documentarian. We need more of these things to help document Cecil County. We’ll fix the link

  10. Robert, just checked out your other Cecil County history documentary. Thanks so much. Really enjoyed watcing that and we’re going to link to it. Greet work Keep it up. As the way to document our past changes to this new media, we need more documentarians profiling the county like this. Thanks

  11. Dennis W. Brezina

    Really appreciate “Someone Noticed…” The March 15, 2011 entry caught my eye — your giving Kent County News a thumbs up for an award for its advocacy of open government… And the spirited discussion re: Cecil County Commissioners was notable…
    I’m curious… Are you aware of any citizen concern/traction on OPEN GOVERNMENT matters in the public domain re: the every day bureaucratic side of Cecil County government?
    Keep up your fine reporting…
    Dennis Brezina

  12. Robert Moreland

    I just thought that your readers might be interested to know that in an appeals hearing in court today, May 18, (after several delays and reschedulings) filed by York Building Products regarding the rezoning of 364 acres on Carpenters Point Rd. from M-2 to NAR that the court decided in favor of the original rezoning by the County and against York Building Products appeal. This means that for the moment the NAR designation of 364 acres of forest will remain in place.

  13. Hi Mike,

    I wonder if you help me.

    I’m a writer from London and am making my first short film. It’s a conversation between two people set in a pub.

    I found an image on google from your site (see below) and I was wondering whether I could use it as part of my set decoration? Is it yours? Do you know if there are any copyright issues?

    I just want to use the photo as part of the set on a wall.

    I’d be very grateful if I could use it – it’s great image!

    ​Many thanks,

    Darrio ​

    PS despite being on the other side of the world and not being involved in your line of interest, I did find what I read pretty interesting actually.

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